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This month we are celebrating our 20th year of success…

the journey has been wonderful!


Dear trusted clients,

As I began to reflect on the past 20 years, a great deal of emotions were stirred.  I opened Shine when I was 24 years old, 4 months before I was to be married.  Shine has allowed me to grow as a professional, a leader and an artist.  I have had the honor of training and working with stylists who many would argue to be some of the most talented.

We have raised thousands of dollars for various charities and donated equal amounts to local families in need of services due to hardships over the years.

We have watched wondrously as clients’ children have grown up and now have lives and families of their own.

Sadly, too many of our dearest guests have passed on, leaving a little piece of their spirit with us.  We continually remember them through remarkable stories of guidance and love they have shared with us over the years.

As I continued to reflect, there was one thing that kept coming to mind.  Hairstyling is what made all this possible.  After sharing this thought with my staff, we all came to the same conclusion.  When we were one store front, we got to know our guests better, we worked as a formidable team unit and were able to work conscientiously doing our craft in a way that brought us such pride and allowed our clients to Shine.  Being just a salon allowed us to perform the highest quality of services at a comfortable price point for all.

As a celebration of our 20th year of success, we decided it was the appropriate time to get back to our roots, the way we began, as a salon. Focusing on the highest quality of hair services that our clients deserve and working to train talent that is unmatched in technique and creativity.

We are currently working on rebranding, renovating our interior and re-writing our menu of services. We are working on incorporating some of our spa services as well, but some services may be on hold until the renovation is complete.

I would like to thank you all in advance for your patience during this process and look forward to celebrating 20 years with you in just a few weeks.

Erin Simmons



Shine Salon

Our Mission at Shine is to provide you, our guest, with salon experiences that are innovative, relaxing, and inviting. We believe our mission is complimented by using only AVEDA products in our salon. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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After you experience our salon, we carry a wide assortment of products to help you maintain your style and color at home.

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