Our services at Shine Salonspa are focused on delivering the perfect combination of balance in well-being and aesthetics.   Our process at Shine is truly unique.  We work as a team to afford you a collective involvement throughout our time together. At Shine, we don’t serve “clients”;  we care for our friends and strive to build relationships that are meaningful, valuable, and life-giving.

The end result is an unparalleled experience that is refreshingly different and vibrant.   When done correctly, the result is a perfect masterpiece that’s uniquely yours.


Our stylists are excited to provide you with provocative, modern cuts that accentuate your natural features and highlight your innate character.  The creative process to deliver you a cut that fits with your personality is a journey you’ll love!



Providing you with a warm, unique style is what we’re all about at Shine Salonspa.   You’ll begin your experience with a full consultation with our team and end with the confidence of knowing your look is positively stunning!



With phenomenal, well-balanced color, you make every moment more captivating.  Our design team will match the most perfect color tones to give you an alluring presence that redefines beauty!

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Luxurious pampering awaits you in our spa services, where even the smallest detail becomes a point of focus.  We look forward to indulging your senses, helping you heal, rejuvenate, balance, and center your body and mind again.

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